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World Wide Web is technology’s one of the biggest gift to mankind. In the 21st century when 24 hours a day is just not enough, every second you save matters. This is exactly when internet comes to our rescue. From small-scale aspiring enterprises to big giants, everyone is now steadily coming online! Online presence can ensure 24*7 customer engagement.

Entrepreneurs from various startups have expressed their wish to create an online presence, however budget and website maintenance costs have always been a matter of great concern.


Here at Webyhub we believe that every page counts. Keeping that in mind, we provide great user choice flexibility. Though the webpages are static, we create each one of them wih liberal time and artistic skills. As a result, each completed page comes out flaunting its own unique idea and identity, and binds the entire business idea together.

We code geeks and our innovative skill surpasses all standars.Keeping in mins the user friendlyness, every unique page on the website we create is thoroughly tested to give the smoothest ever web experience.

It is important to note that all our Static Websites are extremely user-friendly and are compatible with all-browsers. They absorb lower bandwidth, easy downloading on the server and designed to significantly boost the SEO results and speed up your page ranking.

We master in developing and maintaining all types of static websites. Once your site goes online to the web server we make sure your business information is online 24*7 for your customers to find you easily.

We also specialise in e-commerce template designs for clients who wish to sell their products online. Also, maintaining a static e-store is extremely easy with the e-commerce applications we provide you with.

Webyhub also helps you with different online marketing strategies for meteoric growth of your business for each static page of your website.

At Webyhub we can help our worldwide clients with beautiful sales pages, e-brochures, and e-catalogs, infographics. The static pages we make keeping your business requirements in mind are easy to maintain and are proven effective methods for online promotions.

Eventually, once you business expands and you want to achieve more out of it, Webyhub will be happy to turn your static site into a dynamic one so that you can get you upload updates independently, on your own. Learn more about Dynamic Website design and usage here.

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