Marketplace website

An online marketplace is an e-commerce website where there are several products which are sold and these products or services are provided by third parties. These are quite simple and a convenient portal for production process. In an online marketplace, consumer transactions are processed by the marketplace operator and then delivered and fulfilled by the participating retailers or wholesalers.

We at Webyhub create this online marketplace website. Our team of experts cater to every need required for a fully functioning marketplace website.

Here list of what we do at Webyhub:

We help you create a website which supports multiple seller or vendor. The sellers can manage their own products at their admin end.

We provide you with several features like validation at the admin end, a landing page which takes in buyer information and its proper management so that bother you and the sellers can access them for reaching out to the customers. You would also be able to know about seller ratings as per customer use, helping you to weed out bad sellers.

Marketplace websites should be able to swiftly handle lots of traffic as well as constant updating of buying or selling information to the customers and sellers. We help you create foolproof solutions to this. With help of animations, your website will be able to show everything which you want to show to the customer including delivery details, maps and other related information.

Our website designing team as well as the web development team are well versed with all types of support systems for your websites, be it laptops, tabs or any portable devices. Your website will be compatible will all of them with no information being hidden. What’s more, you can get them simultaneously done for all devices at one go.

We at Webyhub are quite experienced to help you through to start your very own market place website. We deliver it you with your own customized designs and templates or you may choose for a variety of template which we can suggest, ours are cool too!

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