Landing page design

Landing page is a webpage where all your customers “land” or arrive at, when they visit your webpage. In the world of marketing and hence, the competition among firms, landing pages become an integral part of your website so that, all your customers are left with no option, but to stay on course towards your intended conversion.

We at, make landing pages for one single objective: a targeted page which keeps your webpage viewers hooked.

We make both the type of landing pages: Click Through and Lead Generation landing pages.

Click through landing pages are web pages which persuade a visitor to “click though” to another pages. These are generally used in e-commerce domains. These have an intent to “warm up” the visitor such that, they get hooked to the website or get persuaded to clicking to the next page to buy your product. These pages generally contain subtle descriptions of products or how a company works and so on. We make your “Click though” landing pages better, making your customers hooked to your site like instant glue!

The other type is the lead generation landing pages. These are aimed to capture user data, which maybe names or emails. This page collects users’ data that helps you not only market your products to the visitors, but also connect to the visitors who visited your pages. This may contain a form which persuades visitors to fill in the forms, in return for some of offer, discount, a wildcard entry to some contest, a gift or perhaps a notification for a future product. This way, not only you get the information about the visitors, your conversion rate increases in leaps and bounds. We at, have the perfect combination of creative web-designers as well as content writers to help your lead generation page generate the highest conversions for your website.

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