Email and SMS Marketing


Email and SMS Marketing

Everybody today has a smartphone or tablet. If not, everyone at least, has a mobile phone. According to researches, 90% of the text messages are read within three minutes of reaching and about 49% of people, now access emails via their smartphones. How about branding your market via these options?

One of the most efficient ways of market are branding via emails and SMSes. We at have experienced content writers who can efficiently incorporate all your relevant details into SMSes and emails. These are highly effective for small businesses, however, even large businesses have been using to SMSes to reach out to maximum number of people.

Advantages of using SMS and email marketing are:

Take very less time for branding: A bulk sending of SMSes and emails hardly takes a second. Using landing pages or a database if provided, mobile numbers and emails are received. With a press of a button, your message reaches maximum people in the least time. This is branding at level best.

Least costly: Emails and SMSes do branding at very less cost. Emails can be sent for free. SMSes can be sent at lower rates if registered.

Maximum Branding: All the relevant details along with links or contact numbers, does maximum branding as, 97% of the messages are read.

Whatsapp: With the advent of Whatsapp, messages can be sent for free. It also doesn’t have the boundary condition of space unlike SMSes. Almost all Whatsapp messages are read. Thus, all relevant details can be sent to many people in short and crisp manner. This is branding at the most efficient.

Emails and SMSes can be personalised and sent to specific people. With use of some more specific details of specific users, customised messages can be sent, which may contain offers, voucher, discounts or simply a customised wishing of a happy birthday along with your own content. This helps is making a bond between you and your prospective buyer stronger.

We at webyhub, along with the best team of expert content writers, help you with the best of SMS and email marketing with short and crisp branding. Simply help us with your relevant and valuable details and leave the rest to us and watch your business grow.

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